Bonneville SCTA World Finals October 2018

This is the last chance for the year for WAIRUA to run 300mph+ with her Judd F1 V10 engine.  The weather is cooler - more oxygen 🙂 but also infinitely more fickle, with rain cancelling the event a real possibility.

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Racing will be advised in local MST. So in NZ around 6 hours earlier, Australia 8 hours earlier, and England 1 hour later.


2018 Land Speed Racing

CMR Bonneville is home to two Land speed record cars owned and built by Reg Cook from the team’s workshop in South Auckland.

With 9 current land speed records under their belt, the team are not content to rest on their laurels, and are prepping both cars to go even faster.

WAIRUA is now fitted with a Judd Yamaha V10 F1 3 Litre engine and looking to run closer to 300mph this year. In addition there have been a few body modifications to Wairua, with more rear stabilisation through winglets added.

COOKIE is fitted with a Synergy 2L V8 engine that is packing around 400bhp (naturally aspirated!) and will hopefully be pushing over 200mph next trip to the salt.  This means some safety upgrades are required, 5 stud hubs and a stabiliser wing, plus bigger fire extinguishers.

Most interesting, is that 2 cars isn’t enough, and the team are designing and preparing to build the 2nd streamliner.  This car is now well into the design process, with a team of University students via Chris Stuart in the UK creating some amazing designs for our 800kph machine.

In our modern 10,000 sq workshop we have our own fabricating facilities, engine dyno, cylinder head/gas ow testing rig and much more.


About Us

CMR Bonneville is the team created to bring together like minded individuals that want to go out into the world of Motorsport and show what kiwis are capable of.

It’s the evolution of Reg Cook’s Cook Motor Racing business, and the cars are built and owned by Reg from his South Auckland Workshop.

The design and build is a collaborative programme with many great minds working together to find the best possible solutions to the challenges of building the world’s fastest cars.
There is a programme in front of the team that will look to take on multiple world records over the next 5-6 years.

The team truly hope that this occurs at Bonneville as it is a very special place. However with the sustainability of the salt a constant challenge other venues around the world may become hunting grounds.

At the heart of the team are several key values.

  • That we all work towards a result for the team and we succeed together.
  • We don’t fail – we only learn what we can do differently next time.
  • Being part of the team means being prepared to sacrifice spare time to be involved.
  • We consider all the options, and quite often step WAY outside the square to find the next level of performance.
  • All of the good ideas in this world aren’t always in the minds in the room.

CMR Crew

The long standing Bonneville crew include Reg Cook, his daughter Louise, Fabricator David Lunny and seasoned team leaders Mark Ballantyne and Bruce James who have all now made multiple trips to Bonneville in search of more speed.

In addition there are a huge number of people from New Zealand and Overseas that support the development, preparation and racing of the car at home and while over on the salt.

They include as a brief list of just some of the regular crew:
Steve Davies, Helen Magee, Dwight Scott, Rob Murphy, Anthony Burrows, Roger Ellingham, Roger McGarry,  Trev Saran, Shayne Shrappy Morgan, Struan Robertson, Daryl Reeve.  We also have an "international family" of members in the UK helping design the next car - lead by Christ Stuart.

Plus Our Fabrication partner Richard Mason from Mason Tooling and V8 Engine Builder Simon Longdill from Synergy V8


Bonneville success doesn’t just happen.  There is a huge amount of effort that goes into ensuring the cars are ready and weekend working bees are a critical part of the team’s timeline.

In addition, a small crew will accompany the car each time to Bonneville for 10 days of unpredictable results in one of the strangest environments on the planet.

To be part of the CMR team you must have:

  • Skills to add to the team, (Engineering, mechanic, support crew, film/photography)
  • A can-do attitude and desire to be part of the team (no room for ego in our team)
  • Availability to volunteer weekend time for car preparation
  • A real desire to achieve something

If you think that this sounds like you, get in touch with Reg or Louise and state your case! Contact us page

Bonneville – Land Speed racing Timeline

In 2009 over a beer one afternoon, “what next” was contemplated in the CMR lunchroom. Amid a number of other ideas, Land Speed Records was brought up and the rest then became history.


CMR make their maiden voyage to Bonneville, with a custom prepared Nissan NX coupe packing a CMR SR20DE.

The team went over with the intention of attempting to break the record in the G/Pro class. This class is engine size “G” – 2 litre and body “Pro” – production body shape, factory engine running gasoline (ERC 110K). The record at the time was 158.328mph and hadn’t moved in quite a while.

The team call the trip a fluke. The little orange car took the salt flats by storm. Smashing the record on its 2nd pass and going on to push it up 3 more times during the week to settle at 175mph.

When they arrived, COOKIE wouldn’t start. Something had caused the wiring loom behind the master switch to melt. Back home in New Zealand, COOKIE had a set down check, with tyres that were cut from wheel arches squatting under the high speed aero. Somehow despite all of these little things, a bunch of kiwi’s took on the world and won.


Salt fever kicks in. Knowing how Bonneville worked, the team started dreaming of building New Zealand’s first ever 4-wheeld streamliner to go and attempt some of the serious records. The notion of WAIRUA was born.


After several years of Bonneville being cancelled, the team were ready to for the salt with both COOKIE and WAIRUA in the new trailer.

COOKIE ran a Honda engine to chase non-factory records, with NOS and a full aero compliment and picked up another 2 records in the first event. WAIRUA was brought out for several runs as a shakedown but didn’t manage full power runs as new car gremlins kept her sidelined.  The team returned 3 weeks later for the second speed event and COOKIE picked up its 3rd record of the year on the first day and then the team turned their attention to WAIRUA.

It was another tough week with a brand new car, CV boots that kept splitting, Engine bay temperatures over 1,000 degrees C melting engine sensors, a badly flat-spotted tire among many other teething issues but then it was finally time for WAIRUA to shine. Test driver Steve Davies ran her 3 miles under power and set a record of 188mph, up from 147.9. This was great but we’d only run 3 miles under power as we will still really only testing.

Reg then hopped in and took her four miles under full power and smashed our own record with a 210mph pass. An amazing result, and the car was still accelerating at the end of the 4th mile – if the course was along, this car would have been much faster.


Both COOKIE and WAIRUA were fitted with Synergy V8 2L engines.

WAIRUA had a charmed run and pushed past it's two target records in the G Streamliner class with petrol and petrol + NOS and took it's tally of records on hand to 3.

COOKIE had a rough ride with some teething problems in a new gearbox.  Despite this  with the power unit on board it was able to collect the Petrol powered records for the Class G competition coupe and Altered coupe bringing the record tally up to 6.