Our Team

Reg Cook

Once met never forgotten. A man larger than life with an indomitable spirit and a ‘Kiwi Can Do’ attitude. Today at 77 Reg calls himself the Geriatric, but his spirit is still a teenager with the craving to go faster.

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Mark Ballantyne

Mark joined the CMR team in early 2000 to help Reg and long-time friend Tony Mattson compete in the NZ rally championship. Working on the Electrical Loom right now.

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Kevin Redshaw 

CMR Fabricator

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Pam Saini

CMR Insulation and upholstery

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Bruce James

More to come.

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Colin Buckley


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Damon Gover

CMR- doing a great job building the container Infrastructure.

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Robert Murphy

CMR Photography and whatever the team needs! 

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Damion Ellis 

CMR IT and Comms 

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