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May 14, 2024

Mini Arrives #12

Jan 2022 The mini arrives at the workshop bringing a flood of memories for Reg who first competed in these tiny cars in 1959.

This picture is of the Oldest Mini we have found so far that we can use the under 1000 cc type engine FIA rules for the Bolivia challenge in Sept 2023.  Extensive engine development will be needed to obtain the 320 + Bhp needed.

The goal for this little cracker is to chase 240 km/hr to claim the coveted FIA world record for the fastest mini ever.

Three of the team squeezed into the mini with Reg at the wheel for a sedate drive up the shingle roads of Clevedon while Reg recalled many of the hair-raising trips and places he took in his early minis over 50 years ago.

Reg and his mini were well known to the constabulary in Manurewa and Palmerston North, and well-remembered on campus at Massey University., .

There will be many out there who can recall similar adventures in these enduring and fun little cars

Huge thanks to Robbie Grant for the delivery of our mini.

Let the latest Mini ADVENTURE begin