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May 14, 2024

2021 In pics #11

2021 A tough year for NZ. For CMR the pandemic put its racing program into limbo. With freighting logistics suffering huge delays from all parts of the globe, we could only guess on timelines or prices from manufacturers and suppliers.

The team managed some good progress late 2021 which offered inspiration and had us more determined to get to Bolivia in 2023. The plan was set to be on the Salar de Uyuni salt flats September 2023

In February 2022 we will be ramping up the work with new people on board to get the four cars in a race ready state to be packed and stacked inside the specially designed containers for shipping, February 2023.

We have received an incredibly well-researched report on our Aerodynamics from Loan Feier Professor of the Department of Engineering Mechanics, US Airforce Academy which provides confidence that we can chase 880 KPH / 550 Mph

This is going to happen, with a KIWI CAN DO  team effort