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May 14, 2024

2nd 12 Speed is Here #163

WOO BLOODY HOO Eventually XMAS has arrived. The 2nd Weismann 12 Speed has arrived.

Originally the brainchild of PAT WEISMANN ( Mr Shifter ) as a 8 Speed. Eventually Developed into a 12 Speed by Chris Weismann ( SHIFTER BRAINS ).

Excited now that CMR Team can finally Test 2nd Gearbox on Mainline 4WD dyno. Sort any issues & get into containers off to Bolivia to chase Multiple FIA Land Speed Records.

Thanks to the Many that helped to make this happen.

The Adventure continues

12 Speed and Chris
12 Speed front casing looking good
12 Speed arriving on forklift
12 Speed gears
12 Speed soleniods
12 Speed with bellhousings Nov 2022
Pat 2017
Pat and Reg
12 Speed on Steve Watt’s ute
Wairua 12 Speed V1