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May 14, 2024

Basically finished #154

Many ask how is Wairua 2 build going.  Wairua 2 is basically finished but the difficult times that started with COVID are still with us in so many ways. !!!!!!!

Read below straight from Roberto Weismann unedited.  Weismanns frustrations getting air valve parts for 2nd Wairua 2 12 Speed

“Chris has been working through the box meticulously while we wait for the valves. We have been contacting the supplier for regular updates on the order, but the manufacturing plant has delayed the order three times now. I was last told they would be released by the end of October, and we still have not received them. I have a phone call scheduled tomorrow with them.

In the meantime, we are making sure everything is right on the unit. The Bevel gears we got were different in some areas, so we had to re-machine the housings a bit to clearance everything. Chris is double checking all the parts and fittings.”

In reality nothing is or has been simple with any of our 4 cars but progress is being made.

Mean while. Onwards & forwards.

Weismann 12 speed
Weissmann 12 speed.  Note the full scale diagram of the 12 speed in the background