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May 14, 2024

Be a specialist #70

Join us in learning about the engine wiring of a race car with specialist Chris Timmerman of AMG Motorsport.

CMR is offering a small number of people an opportunity to be a part of the team completing the design, manufacture, and installation of the electronic wiring loom of our land speed racing cars. This opportunity is offered to any man or woman interested in learning some mechanics of land speed racing, especially those that achieve phenomenal speeds.

The CMR engine dyno with the billet SR20 compound turbo ahead of further tuning sessions.
The CMR dyno control room.

Most people can learn these skills.

Included in the tutorial will be knowledge sharing of wiring loom design and manufacture and preparing the fastest cars on earth. You will be involved in the cars that have achieved many records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

This learning will take place at the CMR Ness Valley Workshop

The cars you will see in the workshop will be traveling to Bolivia in 2023 to chase world records of up to 550mph (885km/hour).

Learn these skills and you may find yourself being asked to join the team.

To record the history of these cars and their world-renowned driver, Reg Cook, a film crew will be following the people and the cars on the journey from the workshop to the salt lake of Bolivia.

If you would like to be considered for this education, you will most likely be a person who:

  • Has the desire to learn
  • Enjoys solving problems in fine detail
  • Enjoys any form of car racing

You will learn and understand;
( a ) How to put correct connecting plugs on an engine loom
( b ) How to fault find on an Excel spreadsheet
( c ) How to find and test the continuity of wiring & make the appropriate repairs
( d ) How to replace sensors
( e ) Correct methods of crimping
( f ) How to navigate around the data control systems
( g ) How to retrieve data, find faults & solve problems

You will get to listen to specialists and view their methods of design and manufacture. We are building streamliners, a Nissan Coupe 2L V8, and a turbo 1959 mini.

To be enrolled in this education, please contact:

Mark Ballantyne
Office 09 292 8801
Mobile 0274 764898