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May 14, 2024

Can Do & Kevin #155

For those that who R not on F B CMR Celebrating KIWI CAN at it’s best.

This email to say thank U to all the amazing talented individuals who have helped CMR on our many adventures.

Currently featuring the Humble Kevin Redshaw who has performed so many miracles recently including this CMR toilet roll holder that works brilliantly including correct orange.

CMR Toilet Roll Holder

Weekend Working B’s of Pete / John  / Colin / & others Still making  great progress in most area’s.

Still no 2nd Wairua 2 Gearbox & Electronics progress has stopped

Very Exciting News of progress being made in many other area’s coming soon

Also a past video reminder to keep us focused on the task

Kevin working on the mini Issigonis engine
BBC on Dyno Mar 2023
Treasure Jill, Pam and Kevin
Wairua 2, Kevin, Adrian and John
Kevin welding the ice tank Dec 22
Philosophy Women Voice Funny Good