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May 14, 2024

Challenges #2

January 2020- Chasing 800/Kph+ 600/Kph+ 350/Kph. We will have 3 cars ready to chase these three records. (some already held) A huge undertaking. Can we do it? Of course, as Kiwis we know we can do most things we put our mind and the number 8 wire mentality to.

We will need to expand to build Wairua 2, be capable of running our own event with a large team, organize our own FIA officials for the official recording and confirm the only suitable track we can find. Bolivia. The only suitable salt lake track that has the room to deliver 880km/hr from the beast, the new Wairua 2.
We will need team players with appropriate skills that would like to be part of the Kiwi team aiming all to do the impossible. Be warned this will not be easy, but it will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Important attributes – A love of fast cars, a good attitude, a team player, good work ethic, an ability to think on your feet and a brain that will storm ideas. There is no No. 1 in our team.

For all those who wish to join us in this challenge please contact us. Jump on board and hang on.

 Wairua 2 in Clevedon