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May 14, 2024

Plan,Yeah right #3

Feb 2020 – Living in these rapidly changing and challenging times of Covid makes planning almost impossible.

Bruce made has made a scale model of the New Wiesmann Wairua 2 Gearbox to provoke discussion on how to mount it in the car with the new suspension etc.

We are still progressing with SR 20 Billet Block with the test head going on the dyno this weekend to be able to try long full power runs of 1000 + Bhp.

Getting closer to finishing the trailer

With Covid 19 restricting travel / shipping restrictions , the hopes of competing at Bonneville USFRA Worlds in September 2020 are fading fast. Grrrrrrrrr!

Our last hope for 2020 may be SCTA Worlds in early October. Pushing forward regardless.