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May 14, 2024

Hawkes Bay Off Road – Sep 2008

Hi everybody.

After our off road excursion at Hawkes Bay, a major repair and rebuild of
micra rally car took place.

A special thanks to everybody for their extra special efforts.

Pete of Manukau City panel beaters for repairing body damage.

Mike of  South City Car Painters for getting our micra pretty again.

Barry Clark {Mr. motorsport gossip } for organizing all our window repairs.

Rosco for turning up every weekend helping with repairs.

Harley {Papakura Alignment Center.} for getting all our suspension working
properly and pointing in the right direction again.

Also Mark, Dean, CG, Matt, Alan Mckenzie and all the other people who helped
including Sarah who made great banana and chocolate muffins every weekend
for the crew.

 We finished the car and tested it all ready for the NZ International rally
of last weekend. 

The start of the rally for us was on Saturday morning at Pukekohe at 9am.

Unfortunately 2 Kms  after the start, while  touring to the first stage, our
Micra developed a major unrepairable oil leak. That was that. Nothing could
be done. My worst ever rally result. As the saying goes {Shit happens.} 

Our final rally of the season is in 3 weeks in Nelson.

So here is hoping it will be a good one.

Once again thanks to everybody for there help and good wishes.


PS Pete of Manukau City Panelbeaters thanks for repairing our Micra for
free. Payment was that dozen of lion red we gave you.Ho Ho.