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May 14, 2024

Hawkes Bay Rally – Apr 2009

 After months of preparation and hard work by everybody the 1st round of the NZRC championship 2009 at Hawkesbay 5th April has been and gone.

          Day one.

          We cruised in the first two stages to service ready to attack. In the 3rd stage we were flying when we lost 4th gear after 8 km. For the rest of the day

          We only used 1st and 5th gear and a maximum of 80 km to minimize damage to the gearbox and try to finish. It was a huge relief to get to the end of day two.

          Over night the gearbox and other repairs were completed  very efficiently by our service crew of Peter Merrie, Mark, Roger and CGs little brother Dean.

          Day Two.

          Brimming with confidence that Sunday could only be better than the day before we headed off in perfect weather conditions.

          Once again we cruised through the 1st two stages to service which went very well.

          On the way to the 3rd stage all hell broke loose when the water temperature skyrocketed.

          Luckily our service crew had a chase car following us.

          We could not stop water leaking out of a split hose. So limped through the rest of the day as we did on Saturday adding water all the time.

          When I was young many years ago I was told the story about the Tortoise and the Hare.

          For two days we were the Tortoise and it paid off handsomely because with everybody elses problems and disqualifications.

          We finished  2nd in Kiwi Two

          And 3rd in 2WD Open for the weekend.

          An excellent overall result considering all the dramas.

          Well done team.

          Thanks REG.