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May 14, 2024

Holy grail 2020 #4

2020 July. Finding the holy grail… Bruce and Reg have continuously experimented on the Dyno.
For 57 years, Reg has tuned 1000’s of engine’s on engine dynos’, with bhp being the holy grail since 1973. There have been ten of thousands of conversations about Spark advance, Fuel Mixture, Compression Ratio, Squish, Flame Front, Spark Plug Type, Atomization, Combustion Chamber Shapes, Fuel Analysers, Lamba etc etc etc.

But halleluiah, we have now truly found the Holy Grail? Measuring Cylinder Pressure sensor measuring pressure every 1/10 degree with Billet SR 20, starting off with 820 Bhp @ 7500 rpm exhaust temp at Turbo 900 degrees Celsius & boost 36 lbs. We wanted to cool Exh temps down so we made the fuel richer. We got exhaust temp down to 820 Celcius but power down to 730 Bhp & peak pressure very retarded by analyzing cylinder pressure graphs with several runs, and hooray.

Its fascinating how even the pressure curve itself changed during the testing. Obviously due to flame front speed etc. After many more runs & analyses, we saw every change shown on the pressure graph. We now do not need to use all of the old instinctive assumptions. Hooray.

We finished up with 810 Bhp / 810 Celcius exhaust temps @ 38 lbs boost & peak pressure down slightly which helps with reliability. With more dyno runs we will be able to improve it even more. Whoop! Whoop! We are onto it. Exciting.

By Looking at the pressure curve we will be able to make good assumptions about flame front speed & type of flame front. We will be able to increase effective Bhp, increase reliability and get the same Bhp with lower peak cylinder pressure and therefore increasing the reliability.

For those that have read thus far, there is a lot more to our experimentation but cant give away all of the hard earned secrets.