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May 14, 2024

Logistics #16

May 2022. An exciting week.  A couple of the more important engine parts have finally arrived. The Plazaman Inlet manifold  & Dailey Dry Sump Pan Rocket covers and dry sump. With modification we can make it fit into the current framework.

The price of freighting parts to NZ and the cost of shipping the cars to Bolivia via Chille has more than doubled in price in this last year.  We could moan about the lack of reliability in delivery of vital parts, but being here at the bottom of the world puts us down the order in the Covid catchup.  Our contact Dennis in the states informs us there is a delays in pistons from MAHLE, Cylinder Heads from CFE.

Help is coming from the engineering Fraternity, Master minded by Rickie Pike of We-Can, to help speed things up in NZ.