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May 14, 2024

Mini bites #78

For one of those crazy petrol-heads crazy enough to start building a racing Mini, here are some of Issigonis’s specifications
Crank is high strength 4330VM alloy steel
Stroke 63mm (2.480″)
Rod journal diameter 47.981mm – 47.985mm(1.8890″-1.8892″) ACL #4B1906H bearing
Rod journal width 20.11mm (.792″)
Main journal diameter 50.812 – 50.817mm (2.0005″-2.0007″)

Thrust width 30.784mm (1.212″)

Rods are Carrillo. Used  ACL Comp 4B1906H  B/e Calico coated
Piston 71mm. Heavy pin due to turbo.
Tall top to help Rod B fit in. The top will be machined down & then pockets put in

Poor little Issigonis, a raw bare boned barely there Mini…. but just you wait.

The sad looking raw boned little Issigonis looking ready for the wrecking ball….. But just wait