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May 14, 2024

Cute Sister #44

One of our 7 minis adorning the workshop has been chosen to get a serious makeover, This model is a Mini van, born in 1956 (same and sister Issignois) No.3796. Although she looks very undressed right now, she is to become the CMR promotional / delivery vehicle and will be used for fun runs. She is currently being panel beaten, engine and parts fitted, then pimped with designer airbrushed makeup to look a smart part of the Elite team. Being in Reg’s workshop she is not likely to be just a shopping cart, as a little bird told me there is to be a racing safety cage made for her. I speculate flares and wide tyres might appear also. Her specs will be revealed once she has had the rest of her livery chosen.

We hope she will fit in the Bolivia container to go with the Elite stable. We might see her stretching her legs on the salt, but probably only as the cute little sister futilely chasing her athletic sister Issigonis

If you love the minis and are keen to come and help work on her, ring Mark on 09 292 8801 or 027 476 4898.