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May 14, 2024

Missed it #146

A message from Reg Cook

Hi Team

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has helped to date.

You all know who you are.

Sadly there will be no CMR Bolivia 2023. Frustratingly, some things that needed to happen still haven’t happened as eluded to previously.


We always knew it would be an uphill battle. But today is still a Grrrrrr moment. We’re gutted!! Also disappointed for the many supporters and contributors.

But as I said before, I have spent a lifetime being a KIWI CAN DO fix everything optimist. And I am not about to betray who I am now.


CMR Team Now.

We will continue to finish Wairua 2.

Then to create some publicity by making several YouTube videos of testing Wairua 2 on our Mainline Hub Dyno & testing Wairua 2 wheels on our custom-built wheel spinner to more than 550Mph. 

The good news

The goal of chasing 550Mph has created an enormous amount of positivity in  KIWI CAN DO attitude & brainstorming. We’re excited about 3rd Mini alloy Billet Engine on Dyno now

To the future

The simple answer is at this point need to raise funds to survive another year without having to start selling assets.

We welcome anyone who can help raise funds for CMR Boliva chasing 550Mph in 2024


Reg Cook

The KNACKERED but Not Beaten Old Man