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May 14, 2024

More mini #140

More than mini progress, its huge progress.

The team of John, Mark B, and Mark B has been busy. The BMC 998cc engine #1 has been fitted to the Mini, known internally as Issigonis.

A number of other jobs have been completed:

  • The fuel system is almost done, with the fuel tank, lift pump, and high-pressure pumps all fitted. The final job is running the braided lines up the car.
  • The new brake lines have been run throughout the car.
  • Clutch lines have also been run.
  • The DBW throttle pedal has been fitted.
  • Dash and other interior brackets are done.
  • Fire suppression system bottles mounts are done.

Keep following our progress to see more photos of this amazing build. You can also follow our Facebook page dedicated to the Mini build.