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May 14, 2024

Otago Rally – May 2009

Otago Has been and gone.

Mark and his brother Geoff after a long trip of two days arrived in Dunedin on Thursday night

Ready for scrutineering etc on Friday while CG and I did reece.

After the 1st two stages all hell broke loose when pulling 8500 revs 200 Kph in top gear downhill into a very tight 30 kph corner.

Started braking and BUGGER the throttle jammed open. Not a nice experience. Managed to get around the corner.

Had to drive the rest of the stage in 3rd gear turning the ign on and off to brake and get around corners.

Crew were frantic performing miracles to fix the throttle and all other  related problems during the day and we won the last stage of the day.

After a huge amount of work on  Saturday night we were ready to attack on Sunday.

 Sunday the 1st corner was fantastic. On the 2nd cnr the electric power steering failed. Once again the crew worked frantically fixing

the  many dramas as a result of the electrical faults. By the end of the day all was OK and we won the last stage of the day.

By crawling through some of the stages and finishing both days and our competitors having accidents etc.

We still lead the NZRC K2 2WD championship and

Are 2nd in the NZRC open 2WD championship.

Bring on Whangarei 6th June.

This newsletter funny is from my elder sister Cherie

Thanks Reg.