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May 14, 2024

Realities #157

2023. The Reality.

CMR team started full of Optimism & performing miracles everyday Great Camaraderie, team Building & laughs a plenty. Sadly external delays continued causing  time issue’s & budget to blow out G rrrrrr. Eventually we missed the last boat to Bolivia. Grrrrrrrr. Still waiting for some parts & dealing with past obstacles

2023 The Memories

Thanks to all the amazing team who contributed in the face of adversity & provided so many amazing camaraderie moments. Because of their efforts Chasing 550 Mph & other records can still B a reality

Going forward

Core team need to continue KIWI CAN DO miracles daily.

Need to raise funds to pay for Bolivia travel

Still need to recruit several who want to go on this one off CMR BOLIVIA Adventure Aug 2024


CMR Team in the later part of 2023 has many new exciting  people whom will make a positive difference in many areas in 2024  


CMR Team need 2 build on the wonderful Foundation that has been laid to date.

Many other exciting announcements coming.


With the help of others we can chase 880 Kph / 550 Mph & other records with confidence.

Bring on 2024

Mini Issigonis Nov 2023