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May 14, 2024

Reg Cook #39

Once met never forgotten.  Reg Cook, a man larger than life with an indomitable spirit and a ‘Kiwi Can Do’ attitude. Today he calls himself ‘The Geriatric’, but his spirit is still a teenager with the craving to go faster.

Few can boast a racing career spanning more than 50 years and have claimed as many trophies as Reg.

Reg ‘has conquered rallying, Circuit racing and now is hooked on the fastest of all Land Speed racing.

The man now labeling himself as the ‘geriatric’ at 76 belies the passion, stamina and spirit he is still infused with. Setting himself and his team the ultimate speed challenge on the Bolivian salt flats in 2023, Reg’s goal is not just to achieve another trophy, but to demonstrate to a  new generation whom he feels is losing the ‘Kiwi can do’ mentality, proving the impossible just might be possible if they dare.   

Check Reg’s full conquests in the results page or on his profile