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May 14, 2024

Workshop #56

Crews arrived the weekend 9th Sept for another workshop to continue the work to build all 4 racing cars. Just to make the pressure exciting, another mini van will be prepared and dressed up as a promotional racer to be squeezed in alongside her sister in the containers by January 23. We have been too busy to think of a name for

See how the cars have progressed such as Wairua 2 with her outfit of carbon and her plexiglass visor, tacked and ready for final fairing and painting. With further studying of aerodynamics since the world record of Wairua 1 in 2018, Wairua 2 has been redesigned and built longer than her older sister. Applying science and much dyno testing, Wairua 2 is expected to surpass Wairua 1’s world record by 11mph (17.70khr)

Daimon working on Cookies rust painting
Mini Issigonis’s rear sub frame suspended over the Wairua 2 visor mould
Font view of little Issigonis’s new front clip
Expecting another heavy foot, Issigonis receives a reinforced foot well plate