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May 14, 2024

Speed Micra – Nov 2009

Over the last 3 years while we have been Rallying,

We have been working on our SPEED MICRA to attack Class land speed records, Compete in long distance races,

And finally go to Bouneville Salt Flats Etc.

We may be attempting to break 0 to 2000cc  NZ  class land speed record  early next year.

More about this later.     

The above pictures are of Bruce Beca of Beca Composites from Tauranga in our workshop starting to make a very special mould for a Carbon Fiber 1 Piece lift off front.

Bruce is a real craftsman with exceptionally high standards and has made a fantastic job to date with super light carbon fibre doors and boot lid.

Our Micra is currently at Prestige Motorsports where Dave there very experienced fabricator is finishing our very Hi Tech Chrome Moly Roll Cage Etc  

Once again more about this car later

The attachment below is from Blake Powell who when he gets round to it one day hopefully in the near future will finish of our 2nd mechanical L S D.Blake at the moment is busy being a new Dad. As per last newsletter the below shows amazing imagination and dedication to excellence to detail  ( Truly Inspirational)   What do you do with your old cans?        You throw them away ?       Not this bloke!