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May 14, 2024

Spinning #36

August 22 One of the special and more technical projects in the plan/production stage is the design, build, and testing of Wairua 2 wheels.

‘We Can Engineering NZ’ is coordinating the design, and organizing the billet aluminum to be machined to a specific design.

When the machining is complete the wheels are return to the Clevedon workshop before being shipped to Montana USA to have special speed-rated, Land Speed Racing tyres fitted. The wheels are then run, tested, and calibrated, spun up to 3 times at 1 month intervals. The Final spin will top 600mph and to determine matching pairs of exactly the same size and balance.

In the pic in absence of the shiny new ones, this is the front dolly system for Wairua 1. Specifications to come.

All ready and done before January 2023, the deadline for the containers to leave NZ