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July 19, 2024

Steve Watt Update #162

The Stories in this Adventure continue on a daily basis


Steve Watt has just delivered  2nd 12 Speed to Matt at Kiwi Shipping USA

CMR Team R chasing the near impossible  550 Mph & many other FIA records

This adventure can only happen with the contribution of many talented individuals  

Introducing the bigger than life Steve Watt. Speed Demon Crew Chief /  Builder / Addicted Speed Junky /

Steve Watt and the Speed Demon

Another part of this incredible Journey

It has been interesting to watch how 2 very strong willed / Determined Petrol Heads / Adversaries have had many blunt in your face debates & have learnt

how 2 sort the shit from the Clay and found a way to respect & start the process of helping get the best out of each other   

Steve Watt has just picked up & transported Wairua 2   2nd  12 Speed Weismann Master Piece to Kiwi Shipping

Steve will also B at Bolivia as Mentor Coordinator for CMR  crew Chiefs Oct 2024

Now here is the piece that some will get & others will think is ridiculous. But I think is Brilliant

Steve has the WORLD at his feet & can do & build everything.

But. Steve wants the hopefully   FIA World Record Synergy Engine out of LOUISE COOK car COOKIE  to put In his Morris Minor Woody. Love it

The Steve Watt woody

For me. The interesting thing is.

Steve has spent his whole life facilitating in helping everyone else achieve their dreams

Here is the challenge

Now will he actually finish his own ??????

I would love to get Jimbo’s take on this.

Watch this space

Bonne Synergy V8 Red Extractors
Louise Cookie hand stand