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May 14, 2024

Mini’s Name #21

June 2022. After receiving many suggestions and with much deliberation, the executive team have elected a name for our little pocket rocket mini bound for a Bolivian world record. The new monicker came with history that was hard to go past.


“A famous Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis (1906-1988), a Greek British subject was the first designer and engineer of the mini. In August 1959 his design was launched as the Morris Mini Minor and the Austin Seven, which soon became known as the Austin Mini. In later years, the car would become known simply as the Mini. The Mini went on to become the best selling British car in history with a production run of 5.3 million cars”.

The name was discovered by our CMR film maker Charles Knight as being identifiable amongst the many mini fans.

Apparently Alex has a bit of a cult status in the UK, and hope they may become a fan of our little pocket rocket ripping down the salt at 240km/hr to gain a world record.

With its new livery it will be one of the hottest seen.

Many thanks to those who put forward their suggestions