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July 7, 2024

Typical CMR Working Bee #168

All CMR Team & supporters can  B Proud of the way they perform Miracles today as in the past.

Saturday Typical CMR Working Bee. Just Love the AMAZING Extreme W/Shop Banter that has always existed in CMR. The above people & many others have helped CMR 2 B VVVVV  successful team in every discipline of N Z motorsport over the last 55 years. No other team has succeeded in so many different disciplines as CMR. CMR is the absolute master of BRAIN STORMING. Getting the best out of everyone including the many off the spectrum is why I am most proud of is KIWI CAN DO in that CMR has built all these so many other different cars since 1969.  

The Panic is now every day

The ADVENTURE 2 Chase 880 Kph / 550 Mph Continues unabated

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Team Working Bee 8 June 24 Good

Team Working Bee – 8 June 2024. Good.

Cookie Happy Roger Pete Finishing

Cookie Happy, Roger & Pete Finishing

Wairua 2 Colin Don

Wairua 2, Colin & Don

Cookie Roger Pete Finishing

Cookie. Roger & Pete Finishing.

Bruce Excited About Wairua 1 Data

Bruce Excited about Wairua 1 Data.

Mark. Thinking What Planet Is Bruce On

Mark. Thinking what planet is Bruce on.

Olympus Digital Camera

Smoke and Fingers.

Wairua 2 John Mark Sign Writing Good 1

Wairua 2. John and Mark Sign Writing, Good.

Mini Issigonis Fr John Cluttered Nov 2023 1

Mini Issigonis, Fr John Cluttered – Nov 2023.

Cmr Support Team 1973

CMR Support Team 1973.

Wairua 2 Front Wings Kevin Colin Bruce

Wairua 2 Front Wings. Kevin, Colin, Bruce.