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May 14, 2024

W2 Signage #158

 As is many others Reg is born to do my best. Only my best is good enough

The World & Universe is a continuing evolving Place Hopefully Humanity can evolve for the betterment of all including  Environment & animals. ?????

Wairua 2  Sign writing is to symbolize natural progression of evolution

If we can do this evolution with cars. Why cant we do this with everything including Humanity, Environment & animals etc

Sign writing Wairua 2

From front of Wairua 2 to the back. Front of nose is of Fern Fround symbolizing conception & birth & Parenting. Next is the fern symbolizing the evolving of amazing NZ environment. Next is Polynesian Contiki arriving. Next is European Boat of James Cook arriving. Next is CMR designed flag to represent evolving colonized Nation of N Z. Next is Reg & Team evolving within motorsport to become the CMR of today. Next came Cookie. Then Wairua 1 was CMR evolution to chase bigger challenges.

Wairua 2 was born finally from the desire of CMR to always do there best and Put the KIWI CAN DO and belief in the constantly Brian Storming Theory to the test by chasing nearly impossible 880 Kph / 550 Mph.

There is also another Chapter of Reg trying to do his best which is evolving now.  Hope fully it is the best Chapter of all & it is not cars. But Success at Bolivia will help

They say Ashes to Ashes & dust to Dust

At the time when the progress of the last separate Chapter is happening.

If  my Conscious spirit leaves the collection of atoms that is Reg.

I will rest in peace that have tried to be the best that I can during life & the future legacy starting now will be  hopefully B the most meaningful  Chapter