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May 14, 2024

Wahoo #136

A Wahoo moment – The Mini Issigonis has been tested at 998 cc, 352Bhp. The team reckoned they could have got 400bhp out of her but ran out of time

The team achieved the test without extreme cylinder pressures & relatively low boost of 32lbs. They had efficacy achieving up to  210 + Bar pressure and looked for reliability in achieving 352 Bhp with peak pressure as low as 160 Bar. The goal was to get the 350 Bhp with the lowest Cylinder pressure possible to ensure the head gasket and other critical components stayed together. They did it.

The amazing skill of the CMR team with over 100 years of combined experience we are excited to remember that building and tuning our own race engines with our own developed technology, gives an immense feeling of achievement and success.

Reg says “there has been a lot of brainstorming regarding the science in our Mini’s 998cc that could be highly debated, but the team have never shied away from going about things in a different way”

“Whats new” says Helen

Reg with his 3 Mini engines. Even the original BMC motors are running the new KAD head. The full billet engine is a work of art. Time to put it on the dyno.