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May 14, 2024

Working B #30

July 22. Team members arrived to work for 2 solid days on several important tasks to keep the Bolivian program moving forward. This weekend included setting up a model of how the the Bolivian compound will look in Bolivia, in the Clevedon yard. This is an important task as it will offer the team a good understanding of where everything will be located when on the salt.

Work that was carried out at the B

Reg and Mark prepared the 20t digger for lifting of containers into place to form a model of the Bolivian compound

Lifting and guiding the 3 containers into position by Reg and Mark with most of the team assisting.

Working on the floor underneath Wairua 2 to assemble the suspension was Struan

The CMR Electrical and tuning magician Bruce was busy head down on the motors, But did halt proceedings to produce his signature dish, roast pork for dinner

Fabricating Parts for the 3 cars was Kevin, Mark & Fred, and in the sanding room cleaning small parts was Damian .

Making the most noise was Pam and Paul working on the panel beating of the Mini now named Issigonis.

Computer file building was Janes task to keep her from playing with the forklift or digger.

While able to put her hand to many tasks in the workshop, she managed bake up a storm for lunch and dinner for the crew.