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May 14, 2024

Finding a Mini #8

Dec 2021 – Looking for a mini. CMR have decided to add a mini to the stable to make it 4 cars now going to Bolivia. Big task ahead.

The goal is to Chase the worlds fastest mini using the oldest Mini available, hopefully Road registered

The Mini is part of Reg’s history, and the beginning of his competitive racing.

How do we get there?

Drag in as many Mini enthusiasts as possible to supply & build parts

The mini will become a kit car that is assembled at CMR after the Mini enthusiasts have modified and made parts. The idea is to keep the look as original as possible   

To-do List

  1. Create a steering group for sourcing information to design & build with John Provo and the group below .
  2. Engine & transmission design by Richard Paterson
  3. Body and fabrication by Foggy,  Johnny & others
  4. Subframes & Suspension by Brian Roycoft & others
  5. Final engine building
  6. Engine on the Dyno with Reg at CMR workshop Clevedon
  7. Final Assembly of Mini at CMR workshop Clevedon
  8. Final testing
  9. February 2023, into the container bound for Bolivia


  1. 1959 Original Mini if possible. Riley Elf
  2. Chase 300 Bhp. Turbo Charged Under 1000 cc. Using electronic boost control with Air
  3. Motec ECU. M 150 to allow infinite tuning.
  4. Try to fit a Plex Cylinder Pressure system if possible for extra data & tuning potential
  5. To look as original as possible from a distance. Maybe small flares
  6. Possibly pillars only de-seamed

Photos of Reg during his early racing career